MELEE: Wall Of Noise Pedal

Walrus Audio's latest offers distortion and reverb with joystick control   17-Jan-23

MELEE: Wall Of Noise Pedal

Walrus Audio has launched their first new pedal for 2023: the MELEE: Wall of Noise Pedal. This is what they have to say about it...

Walrus Audio gives you the two most quintessential effects that yield unruly amounts of power and influence to an instrumentalist: reverb and distortion. They have been harnessed and woven together for an eternity of ethereal power with The Melee: Wall of Noise.

The Melee unapologetically uses a joystick to meld reverb and distortion into one massive blaze of sound. With the flip of the order switch, run the distortion into the reverb or reverb into distortion; signal chain is your call now.

For the explorer, the Melee can run one of three different reverb programs Ambient, Octave, and Reverse.

Key Features:

  • Unique High-Gain Distortion and Reverb combo
  • Joystick control to meld reverb and distortion into one massive blaze of sound
  • Run distortion into reverb or reverb into distortion with the D>R / R>D toggle
  • 3 different reverb programs:
  • Ambient Reverb
  • Octave Down Reverb (like SLÖ Dark mode)
  • Reverse Reverb with Feedback
  • "Less is more" approach when it comes to controls – focus on fun & creative output
  • Joystick controls distortion level (y-axis) and reverb mix (x-axis)

Pricing and Availability:
349 EUR / £305

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