Treat Your Moog To Some New Knobs

Moog announces Knob Kit for Mavis, Subharmonicon, DFAM and Werkstatt-01   09-Dec-22

Treat Your Moog To Some New Knobs

A new knob kit for Moog semi-modular synthesizers and Eurorack modules with knurled knobs is now available. Here's what Moog has to say about it...

This knob kit is a perfect fit for 6mm diameter knurled pots commonly found on synthesizers, featuring an internal interface to lock the knob in place when assembled--without the need for a set screw. The Moog Knob Kit for Knurled Pots comes with twenty-five (25) knobs in each package, so you can stylize all your favorite Eurorack modules and Moog semi-modular instruments.

The kit works with Mavis, DFAM, Subharmonicon, and Werkstatt.

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