The SNOOZE Chordolo

A gloriously housed Le Strum   06-Dec-22

The Sixty Four Pixels Le Sturm has been rehoused in numerous enclosures (see below), but this one may just be the cream of the crop! The Snooze Chordolo is a self contained instrument, which has been beautifully made and designed to be a piece of art in it's own right. Utilizing the Le Strum it is able to trigger a range of chords in the same style as an Omnichord, with a Stylophone-esq touch plate, for an incredibly unique sound - and an on board synthesizer. 

Amazing work, here are some other instruments made using the Le Strum:



And a page which documents some other examples:

You can also buy breakout boards to make a build like this much easier. 

Get a Le Strum kit here:


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