Back 2 Life Podcast: Series 2

Music, art, and creativity overcoming the darkest places   29-Nov-22

Back 2 Life Podcast: Series 2

The Back 2 Life Podcast has just started series 2 - hosted by DJ and broadcaster Milly Chowles, who sets out to understand how electronic artists came back from addiction, trauma, and mental illness. She explores the role that music, art and creativity played in their recovery as well as it's place in their lives now. Here's some info on series 2:

Back 2 Life is back for Season 2! In this season DJ and broadcaster Milly speaks with prominent voices in the world of underground electronic music who are recovering from addiction, mental illness and trauma as she sets out to understand how they came back from their difficulties and the role that music, art and creativity has played in their recovery and their lives now

The first guest is the incredible Lousiahh, someone who is very open and eloquent about her experience of addiction and recovery, and who is also a highly respected, distinct and prolific artist, vocalist, producer and DJ who's music sits at the intersection of punk and techno.

She's also an amazing insightful and fearless host of the podcast Sober Sex which discusses the often taboo topic of sexuality in sobriety and "focuses on conversations about what self-integrity, spirituality and personal evolution look like for different people as we learn to be and accept ourselves sexually and intimately."


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