Production AMA with James Wiltshire

Plus 10 mistakes to avoid in modern music making   21-Nov-22

We've all been in the position of learning a new skill, and music production is an ever-evolving lifetime of learning. Here is James Wiltshire of F9 Audio (and formerly The Freemasons) giving some salient advice on music production, including ten tips to avoid in your own music making. 

It's great advice, going over some psychological approaches and some of his life learnings! James is open to further questions in his AMA series - so use social media and the comments section to put your questions to him. We interviewed James earlier this year:


More from James's youtube channel:

Here's the F9 Audio website:


About the author [midierror]: midierror makes nifty Max For Live devices, innovative music hardware, award winning sample packs and hosts a podcast speaking to people in the music world.

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