Behringer Revives The Mu-Tron Bi-Phase

DUAL-PHASE is their take on the rare 1970s phaser stompbox   09-Nov-22

Behringer attempted to release their version of the Mu-Tron Bi-Phase some time ago, but actually naming it Behringer BI-PHASE caused them to run into difficulties. Now it's back as the DUAL-PHASE, which they describe as an authentic Dual Analog Phase Shifter with 12 Opto-Couplers that brings out dreamy Gilmour-esque soundscapes or super-trippy ring-modulator tones reminiscent of popular phasers from the 1970s.

Here's more of what they have to say about it...

A mainstay for many musicians since the 1970s, you can hear phasers in countless pop, rock, funk, new wave and alternative tracks over the years. Whether it's dreamy Gilmour-esque soundscapes or super-trippy ring-modulator tones, the Behringer DUAL-PHASE provides possibilities that are simply out of this world.

The DUAL-PHASE is an authentic recreation of the popular phase shifter from the '70s. It features 2 phase shifters, each with their own RATE, DEPTH and FEEDBACK controls, that you can then run in series or parallel. Each phase shifter also allows you to switch the wave shape oscillator between sine and square wave. The DUAL-PHASE brings all the amazing features from the original '70s design, plus a few modern ones, that are sure to enhance your pedal board or synth setup.

What sets the DUAL-PHASE apart from the original is its integrated dual footswitches that you can use to engage or disengage either Phasor A or B - at just the push of a button. Are your hands too busy playing? You can connect an expression pedal or any control voltage source to manipulate the sweep speed of any of the two phasors on the fly as you're deep into your killer solo.

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