Jungle Fever: 1994 Documentary On Jungle & DnB

Featuring Shy FX, UK Apache, LTJ Bukem, Fabio, DJ Rap, and more .   05-Oct-22

This BBC documentary from 1994 goes into the birth of the UK Drum & Bass scene, through the lens of Jungle. Featuring talking heads from the likes of big players like Shy FX, UK Apache, LTJ Bukem, Fabio, DJ Rap, Mc Lenny, and Mc Gunsmoke - the documentary shows producers making music in their studios as well as footage from clubs back in the day. 

It even shows the pressing of Dub plates - exclusive VIP mixes which come hot of the press and prove DJ prowess. It's certainly a more minimal sound than we'd expect from Drum & Bass today, but some say Jungle is still one of the most atmospheric and emotive genres the UK ever produced. 


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