Nardwuar's Superstar Interviews

Zany interviewer wows the stars   12-Sep-22

Nardwaur is one of the most kooky interviewers we've ever come across, but if you see the caliber of guests he has - you'll understand that his is one of the most well researched and generous (check out the gifts) people on the planet! His interviews with some of the music scenes biggest stars are packed with anecdotes, insights and, an unreal level of information - skipping all the conventional interview questions to go deeper. 

Here's his conversation with Jay-Z:


He's done three interviews with Pharell Williams:

He's been around a while - here is a very strange interview with Blur:


Whatever you think of his idiosyncratic style, you cannot deny his dedication, knowledge and sheer individuality!  Doot Doot! 

More videos from the human serviette:


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