Making Drum & Bass With Just One Synth

Dr Meaker on the Neutron   14-Aug-22

Dr Meaker are a live drum and bass act who have to be seen to be experienced. At the helm is Clive, their producer, who has taken the FutureMusic challenge to make a whole track with one synth: The Behringer Neutron.  He builds the track up making the drum kit before bringing the bass and adding transition effects - before arranging it in full. Here's some more info on Dr Meaker:

With two decades of experience in the game, Dr Meaker lynchpin Clive Meaker has carved out a reputation for himself amongst the UK scene, for both his infectious, bass-heavy productions and his live shows, which see Dr Meaker adapted into a full live band complete with drums, live bass, vocalists and a horn section. 


A great video, and a good example of how limiting yourself pushes the dexterity of your production. Many producers have used this approach - the same method used for the Synth Explorer series of sample packs:

The latest release from Dr Meaker is here:


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