Middle Eastern Strings For Kontakt

Rast Sound releases Master Tambur   09-Aug-22

Rast Sound has released Master Tambur, a Middle Eastern string instrument for Kontakt.

They say that the term Tanbur can refer to various long-necked string instruments originating in Mesopotamia, Southern or Central Asia. Three figurines have been found in Susa that belong to 1500 BC, and in hands of one of them is a tanbur-like instrument.

A spokesperson told us, "Epic Middle Eastern string, dating back 3500 years, is now available with its sheer beauty. Recorded with a master performer, Tanbur library offers playable solo articulations, phrase plays, wealth of rare performances & patterns."


  •     485 MB for KONTAKT & WAV Unzipped
  •     224 Samples
  •     4 Natural Solo Styles with Keyswitches
  •     Patterns - Phrase Builder - Performances
  •     Royalty Free
  •     Kontakt Full version (5.8+ or more)


Pricing and Availability:
29€ until August 21st (Regular price: 49€)

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