J.Rockett Launches UNI-VERB

New stompbox combines classic Uni-Vibe and spring reverb tones   18-Jul-22

J.Rockett Launches UNI-VERB

J.ROCKETT Audio Designs has released the UNI-VERB, the second addition to their 'classic range'. This is what they have to say about it...

Experience the legendary analog tones of the original Univibe with modern functionalities. The Uni-Verb is a modern twist on the classic Univibe. However, we have added features to enhance the already amazing effect you get. The Uni-Verb recreates the classic sounds you would expect but we have also added a vintage spring tank reverb to make it drip even more. The Uni-Verb runs at 24v just like the original but that is achieved internally. You only need to use a standard negative tip 9v supply making it much more convenient without having to fuss with conversion. The classic Univibe sounded best before drives and other effects, so we built in a loop enabling you to separate the Vibe and Reverb. Both effects can be run individually or together. Some of the features of a classic Univibe left it a little basic such as a lack of control over the turnaround thump of the effect. The Uni-Verb has two separate controls for the chorus section (Chorus Mix and Intensity) allowing complete control over the intensity and turnaround thump of the chorus. The intensity control also controls the vibrato, however, the Chorus/Mix control does not. Both sections blend seamlessly into the output control which allows for slightly more volume than a vintage Univibe and both effects will vibe/chorus faster and slower than the original. Modern iterations of the vintage Univibe tend to be too intense and less musical, we feel we have achieved the perfect balance just like the original and added Reverb on top for more atmosphere.

Key Features:

  • Second addition to JRAD's "Classic Series" (after Clockwork Echo last year)
  • Legendary analog tones of the original Univibe with modern functionalities
  • Integrated one-knob Vintage Spring Reverb
  • Built-in FX Loop to separate Vibe- and Reverb-section
  • Operate via standard 9V PSU but runs on 24V internally like the original
  • Separate controls for Chorus section (Chorus Mix and Intensity) allowing complete control over intensity and turnaround thump of the Chorus

Pricing and Availability:
529 EUR / 465 GBP

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