Arcade & Reason+ Bundle

Output and Reason Studios collaborate to enhance creativity for music makers   30-Jun-22

Output Inc. and Reason Studios have partnered together to create the Arcade & Reason+ Bundle, which they describe as a complete package of instruments, effects and samples for music creators. They say that this package pairs two of the most exciting plugin collections on the market for music makers.   

Gregg Lehrman, CEO at Output Inc. told us, "We are thrilled to partner with Reason to create our first-ever bundle of this kind, allowing music makers even easier access to the tools they need to get creative in the studio."  

Niklas Agevik, CEO at Reason Studios, said, "Both Reason+ and Arcade have the same goal: helping music producers to focus on their creativity and ideation. The pairing of Reason's virtual studio rack of innovative synthesizers, drum machines, players and audio effects with Arcade's inspiration machine of samples and playable instruments is the complete creative bundle for music producers, and at an unbeatable price too."
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Every new song idea starts with a spark, and music creators have been relying on Output Arcade and Reason+ as two of the best production bundles to help generate musical ideas. Output and Reason Studios have teamed up to pair these two powerful plugins together, offering access to hundreds of instantly playable, mind-blowing instruments--the perfect starting points for the next idea.

Both the Reason Rack Plugin and Arcade support all plugin formats (VST/AU/AAX) and can be used in any DAW, whether it be Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, FL Studio or any other major DAW.

Pricing and Availability:
The bundle includes two annual subscriptions--one to Reason+ and one to Arcade. The package costs $249/year (saving producers 17% if they would purchase both annual subscriptions separately), but through July 14 users can snap up this deal for just $149 for the first year.

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