Ableton's Learning Synths Updated

Learn the fundamentals of synthesis in your browser   26-Apr-22

Ableton's Learning Synths Updated

Ableton's Learning Synths is a superb online environment to discover and play with the fundamentals of sound. No experience is required, so it's ideal for new starters and those interested in the mystical world of synths! It comes highly recommended and now has a host of new features and language support for Portuguese, Turkish and Finnish speakers: 

We've added some new features to Learning Synths, a free interactive website which helps you learn the fundamentals of synthesis. You can now capture up to 60 seconds of audio, play with a new configurable XY pad, and use the "Open in Playground" buttons to explore the default sounds in more depth. Other improvements include dark mode support, as well as language support in Portuguese, Turkish and Finnish.

Have a go on the updated site here:


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