Todd Rundgren-Inspired Remix Contest

Use Eventide's Instant Phaser or Flanger on 'Open My Eyes' to win prizes   21-Apr-22

Eventide has announced the "Open My Eyes" Remix Contest, with over $3000 in prizes including plug-ins and cash waiting to be won. Here's the details in their own words...

In the summer of '68 , Todd Rundgren and his band, NAZZ, released a song awash with tape flanging called "Open My Eyes." The flanging effect played a key role in Eventide's genesis. In our founding year, 1971, we introduced audio's first rackmount effects box, the Instant Phaser. The Instant Flanger followed a few years later.

Eventide's crew recorded the basic tracks of "Open My Eyes" and now challenge you to download the stems and remix it. Use any combination of plug-ins to best emulate the sounds of the original recording, improve it, or go nuts and create something completely new. However, the mix must include audible use of the Instant Phaser or Flanger.

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