The Synth Sounds Of Daft Punk's Homework

On the 25th anniversary of it's release   20-Jan-22

Daft Punk's Homework was released 25 years ago to the day, way back in 1996! It features such tracks as 'Around The World', 'Da Funk', 'Revolution 909' and 'Phoenix'. As we've featured before Reverb Machine is adapt at replicating and rebuilding classic tracks - and to mark the anniversary, he's taken on two of the biggest Daft Punk tracks. 

Reverb Machine covers the original synths the duo used, and employs free software emulations to explain and demonstrate how the tracks were put together. You can download the recreated Juno patches for TAL U-NO-LX alongside the Da Funk 303 patch for AudioRealism ABL3. Read the full story on the Reverb Machine website:

Also worth noting that Dave Tynan and Michael Donnelly alongside CK303 have shared a new short film (clocking in at exactly 9:09) via DJ Mag, celebrating the Chicago roots of Daft Punk on this 25th anniversary.


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