The TX-816: A Monstrous DX Powerhouse!

Promo VHS shows what's possible with 8 DX7s   17-Jan-22

The DX7 is a synth which should be fairly familiar by now, with countless software replications and a huge influence on the music of the 1980s and beyond. As big as the DX7 is to take around, it is possible to take 8 in one rack if you have a TX816! This video taken from a Yamaha VHS promo on the rack mount module demonstrates the features and specs of this FM powerhouse. 

The aforementioned "Modular FM Tone Generation System" is made up of 8 TF1 modules (which are also found in the TX802) and is demonstrated with individual, layered, and split sounds - on a unit which was designed for demanding live use and touring. I can testify that these are built like a tank and very reliable - I actually own one! 


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