Empress Effects Modular Holiday Giveaway

Win a ZOIA Euroburo and more   23-Dec-21

Empress Effects Modular Holiday Giveaway

Empress Effects this year released their first module, the ZOIA Euroburo. Now they are partnering with some of their favourite companies to put together a mini-modular giveaway. Here's the details direct from them...

We'll be giving away 2 60hp 4ms pods.  Each pod will have a Euroburo and some amazing headphones to plug into the ZOIA's headphone output!  Audeze was kind enough to contribute the LDCi3 in-ears so you can plug into the ZOIA's headphone output!  

Pod #1 contains a ZOIA Euroburo paired with the Modbap Osiris, the WMD Chimera and Buffered Mult.  It's a great modular starter pack!  

Pod #2 has a Zebu + the outstanding 4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator. I love running a guitar into this combo.  Two winners will be selected at random and the winners will be announced January 3rd.

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