Recreating The Vangelis Blade Runner Theme

Christian Henson's Dekkard's Dream overview   16-Nov-21

The Yamaha CS-80 should be a fairly familiar synth to most of us, having been used on countless records - and most notably, by Vangelis on the score for the original Blade Runner. Dekkard's Dream is a faithful replication of the original behemoth - and in this video, Christian Henson goes over the features of the synth, it's characteristics, and then goes about re-creating the iconic theme himself.

It's what he refers to as the poor mans blade runner, but in the short time he putts into it, there's already a fantastic sense of atmosphere, wonder, and reverence. Dekkard's Dream is now on it's Mk2 version with prices at $999.99 for a kit and $1,199.99 to pre-order a finished unit and a final price of $3749. More info here:


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