EHX Introduces Intelligent Harmony Machine

Stompbox generates single note, diatonic harmonies in a user-assigned key   29-Oct-21

 Electro-Harmonix has added the Intelligent Harmony Machine to its line of pitch shifters. They say that it can generate single note, diatonic harmonies in a user-assigned key with an extensive choice of intervals as well as secondary options in its two-voice modes, Intelligent Harmony and Poly Override.

A spokesprson told us, "In Intelligent Harmony, playing a single note produces a one- or two-voice diatonic harmony in the selected key. In Poly Override, the IHM acts like our award-winning Pitch Fork with lightning-fast tracking and impeccable polyphonic pitch shifting. This flexibility makes it the Harmony pedal for any setting. It's a powerhouse of pitch."

The Intelligent Harmony Machine's Moment Mode lets the player instantly change pitch by pressing the pedal's footswitch. The effect is engaged as long as the footswitch is depressed. There's also an option that allows the player to add a user-set sweep time between the dry and synthesized pitches.

EHX Founder, Mike Matthews said, "We designed the new Intelligent Harmony Machine for the player who craves maximum power, but in a minimal footprint. You'll dig its sweet, musical tone and spotless tracking!"

The Intelligent Harmony Machine comes equipped with an EHX 9 Volt power supply.

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