Worlds First Electronic Music Re-released

1957 - Kid Baltan and Tom Dissevelt - includes the first ever electronic music song released   23-Sep-21

Worlds First Electronic Music Re-released

If you ever go to the South West in the UK, you'll see a lot of shops claiming to sell Cornwall's Oldest Pasty - and the last one I had certainly tasted that way, but in the world of electronic music there are often similar claims.

However, early Dutch electronic music pioneers Kid Baltan and Tom Dissvelt's "Song of The Second Moon " - a track featuring weird rhythmic tape patterns and the Ondes Martinot has a pretty good claim on that being released in 1957.

Though many will not be aware, this and other tracks featured on the album "The Fascinating World of Electronic Music" were a favourite of David Bowie and have been sampled by the likes of DJ Premier and David Holmes.


The album together with Tom Dissvelts 1965 follow-up "Fantasy In Orbit" are also being released as a double vinyl album in November by Canadian label  We Are Busy Bodies.

Listen to it here:



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