Reason 12 Released

Updated Combinator, Mimic Creative Sampler, High-Res Graphics, and more   06-Sep-21

A new version of Reason has been released, now on version 12. They've added a new look, a creative 'mimic' sampler, and many new features. They've also reinvented their combinator device, allowing you to design your own front panels and rack devices. Here's what they have to say:

A new look, a new instrument, and a whole new way of interacting with sounds, Reason 12 is all about leveling up the creative potential at the heart of your music-making experience. Reason's beloved Combinator has been completely refreshed for an expandable, customizable, and more powerful sound design playground. The brand new Mimic Creative Sampler approaches sample manipulation as a musical reimagining of audio samples that can be both inventive and even fun! Bringing together the best audio technologies from Reason Studios' history of groundbreaking DSP and sample-slicing. All new high resolution graphics bring the Reason Rack to life, with under the hood updates to tap in to modern video card performance.

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