How Do Mixing Levels Impact Mastering Levels?

Izotope's 'Are You Listening?' series explains   26-Aug-21

As part of Izotope's 'Are you listening?' tutorial series, they've released a video on the difference between mixing and mastering levels, and why they're different. It's something we've all wondered at some time, and is essential information for anyone who wants to release professional-sounding music.

Follow along as iZotope Education Director and professional mastering engineer Jonathan Wyner explores mixing and mastering levels, including the value of leaving headroom in your mix levels, what levels to pay attention to while you're mixing before you master, and important considerations when comparing the level of your reference tracks to your mix so you can get the best results in your master.

You'll find the videos for 'Are You Listening?' Seasons 1 and 2 below:

Season 1:
Season 2:


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