Positive Grid Updates Spark

Spark Gear Drop offers 3 new amps and 3 new pedals for the smart guitar amp and app   27-Jul-21

Positive Grid has announced the Spark Gear Drop update, described as a free gear collection designed for all levels of guitarists seeking new, captivating tones to make their practice and playing time more inspired and creative. They tell us that this exclusive collection for the award-winning Spark practice amp is available to both new and existing Spark users with a simple firmware and app update. Here's the details direct from the company...

The Spark Gear Drop offers Spark players a selection of highly sought-after boutique amps and effects plus new custom pedals that were requested by the worldwide Spark community. It includes six new models for a broader palette of tonal options.

New Amps

  • ODS 50 (Clean) - inspired by the highly coveted, boutique Dumble ODS 50 HRM
  • Blues Boy (Crunch) - inspired by the popular Fender® Blues Junior™ tube combo
  • Insane 6508 (Metal) - inspired by the monstrous Peavey 6505®

New Pedals

  • Clone Drive (Drive) - inspired by the rare, legendary Klon Centaur OD
  • Guitar EQ (MOD/EQ) - a custom pedal by Positive Grid that offers frequency spectrum control on a granular level
  • Bass EQ (MOD/EQ) - a custom pedal by Positive Grid that offers frequency spectrum control on a granular level, modeled exclusively for bass players

Each new amp and pedal model works seamlessly with Spark's Intelligent features and can also be used to create, upload and share new presets to Positive Grid's online ToneCloud™ community of more than 10,000 tones.   

Spark is a space-saving 40 Watt practice amplifier with a host of familiar tone-shaping controls and dedicated effects knobs. In addition to being a full-featured amp for electric, acoustic or bass guitar, it can also be used as a high definition Bluetooth speaker and a USB audio interface Used by more than 200,000 players worldwide, Spark and its free, accompanying app include smart technology-driven features that offer guitarists of all genres a unique and fun way to learn new songs, jam at home, discover new tones or create and share unique tones of their own. Smart Jam technology can learn the player's style and feel and then automatically generate a bass and drum accompaniment track. Players can use the Auto Chords feature to call up song chords in real time or jam along with millions of songs. They can also create new sounds using Spark's realistic, virtual tube amps and effects.

Pricing and Availability:
The Spark Gear Drop update is available now via a firmware and app update.

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