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Space age presets for u-he Repro-5   21-Jul-21

A new galaxy-inspired sound set for u he's Repro-5 synth has been released. Retrograde contains 120 brand new patches that evoke the vastness and wonder of the cosmos. It takes inspiration from Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Software and Kitaro, as well as modern composers like Majeure, Wojciech Golczewski and Le Matos.

Inside you will discover seismic basses, interstellar leads, cinematic pads and soundscapes, ethereal bells, soaring strings, cosmic sweeps, alien sound effects, complex plucks and more. Most of the patches have parameters mapped to modwheel or aftertouch, and NKS patches are included for integration with Native Instruments hardware (no audio previews).

Retrograde is perfect for Berlin School, Space Ambient, Synthwave, film scoring, or any style of music that needs to transport the listener to the outer limits. A playlist of demos from the release is available here.

A new sound set for A playlist of demos from the release is available here. Find out more on their site: https://thepatchbay.co.uk/product/retrograde/

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