New Version Of Juno Chorus In A Stompbox

TC Electronic releases JUNE-60 V2   05-Jul-21

TC Electronic has introduced the JUNE-60 V2, an updated version of the stompbox they introduced at the NAMM show in 2019 and described as "A faithful recreation of the lush chorus circuit found in the legendary Juno-60 synthesizer."

Paul Robert Scott from TC Electronic told us, "We learned that quite a lot of keyboard players use JUNE-60 to add that chorus-y magic on classic and new synths, so we found it a complete no brainer to also make keys as a priority when we set out to refine this pedal. I am super excited about the result, which has succeeded in providing an even more accurate reproduction of a classic analog chorus, making it much more versatile while at the same time keeping the user interface simple and intuitive. You know, all great blockbusters deserve a sequel, and JUNE-60 is no exception. I am happy to report that in this product manager's view, the sequel is indeed even better than the original blockbuster."

Here's more, direct from TC Electronic...

With its upgraded circuit design, JUNE-60 V2 quite literally opens things up. When you go to stereo mode, prepare to be wowed! We've improved its true-stereo output and redesigned the circuit to deliver a much wider stereo field than ever before, stretching your territory of tonal dominance far beyond the horizon.

 The Bucket Brigade Device (BBD) circuit is as classic as the JUNO itself, and JUNE-60 V2 is kept entirely within the analog domain to maintain that certain character that all-analog designs have to offer. Preset I and II now come with two speed options each - original Juno speeds for keeping it old-school and JUNE 60 speeds for fans of the V1 pedal. Each mode has its own unique and delicious chorus-y charm, doubling up on your versatility. Preset 3 (I+II) has been completely reworked and carefully tailored to match the original Juno's secondary 'MODE 3' LFO with painstaking accuracy. Also, the authentic 2-button interface allows you to switch swiftly and intuitively between presets. In short, JUNE-60 combines classic, convenience and cool in a single chorus!


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