Old School Echo With Modern Functionality

J.ROCKETT introduces CLOCKWORK ECHO Analog Stereo Delay pedal   29-Jun-21

Old School Echo With Modern Functionality

J.ROCKETT has introduced the CLOCKWORK ECHO, an analog stereo delay pedal.This is what they have say about it...

Designed in conjunction with Howard Davis (Creator of the original Deluxe Memory Man) we have created a long awaited solution. It seems that guitarists are starting to forget about the magic of old school designs in favour of modern digital products. Such a change is probably due to convenience. Just like the original "Deluxe Memory Man" or the classic Tape Echoes nothing has ever replaced them in terms of musicality and inspiration. The problem with these older designs is that did not have modern controllability.

The Clockwork Echo re-creates the old school magic but with modern functionality. Classic BBD delay chips that are digitally controlled for tap tempo only. True stereo output, with one side out of phase.  Two Expression pedal inputs to control Time and Repeats. Foot switchable modulation with speed and depth. "Always On" boost which can be used whether the delay is engaged or not. Experimenting with the modulation controls will get you chorus, rotating speaker and flange sounds.

This is as musical as an echo can get, go from lush long delays to amazing room like slap back echoes.
Time can be set short enough to achieve chorus/flange sounds. Repeats can be set high enough for crazy long repeats into oscillation if you so desire.

Clockwork Echo is the first of our new series called the "Vintage Series". More to come.

Pricing and Availability:
Available: Early July
US MAP: $399

More information:


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