The Story Of Live Looping Sensation Marc Rebillet

Collabs with Snoop Dogg, Erykah Badu and Reggie Watts   15-Apr-21

Marc Rebillet has risen to fame during the last few years, known for his soulful r&b hooks, intimate nightwear and sensual lyrics. He grew up in Dallas and gave up a life in Paris to move to New York in order to follow his dreams in the music world - playing in restaurants initially and live streaming from his home. He has since amassed 1.4 million youtube subscribers. 

This interview on the Carlos Watson show is an excellent account of the progress he's made since 2016. Marc uses an Boss RC-505 Looper along with a keyboard loaded with drum sounds and keys. You can see notable performances with artists on his youtube channel, the most charged of which is with Erykah Badu which contains strong language. See his full live show in Amsterdam here:



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