And Korg Wavestate SE - 61 Keys With Aftertouch

Full size...   20-Jan-21

Also on the Korg Future Product preview page is the Korg Wavestate SE - a 61 key after touch enabled version of their smaller Wavestate release (see our review). 
Its got a metal panel, aftertouch enabled 61 key, keybed.

Designed for more of you player - one of the criticisms of the wavestate being the small keybed and lighter construction. We wonder if we will also see the OPSIX in a larger case soon too? Remember last year's NAMM had a large format version of this instrument in a glass case?

Interesting idea, essentially the lighter format used to test the waters, develop the product, larger versions coming along later if demand is there. We wonder if it still has a Raspberry Pi inside - we presume so.

As yet no information on price or availability.

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