Vintage Germanium Preamp Emulated

Fuse Audio Labs launches their VPRE-31A plug-in   17-Dec-20

Vintage Germanium Preamp Emulated

Fuse Audio Labs has announced availability of its VPRE-31A plugin, which they describe as an exacting emulation of a Sixties-vintage straightforward Germanium preamp, based on the rare 4-transistor original, fueled by a specialist characteristic curve and even harmonic structure found only in Germanium-based designs, completed by a custom UTC (United Transformer Corporation) input transformer.

Fuse Audio Labs CEO Reimund Dratwa told us, "This one is really special. The 31A is, indeed, a rare piece, so chances are you won't come across it often. But if you do, it's an exciting experience for sure since this preamp rocks!"

Here's more details in Fuse Audio Labs' own words...

VPRE-31A is a real tone monster with a nice grind when being pushed, providing a vigorous motor for anything rock and electro. Indeed, its significant low end is perfect for guitars and bass, but it is killer on kicks and snares as well. Wherever vocals could well have benefitted from a stronger proximity effect during recording that is simply not there then VPRE-31A can prove handy when it comes to quickly getting the balance right again.

As such, VPRE-31A's virtual cockpit is laid out for instant driving. Get going by engaging the fully-compensated drive (GAIN), then choose a preferred IMPEDANCE setting for fine-tuning the frequency response, and TRIM the output level if appropriate, while also adding the desired dose of dusty old school vibes with the onboard NOISE control.

Characterful strength sees to it that VPRE-31A is hardly a well-behaved Sunday drive... touch the proverbial pedal to journey along a musical road leading to a massive, true Germanium tone with a remarkably powerful low-end projection.

Pricing and Availability:
VPRE-31A is available at a 50%-discounted introductory promo price of $19.00 USD until January 16, 2021 -- rising thereafter to its regular price of $39.00 USD

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