HeadRush Looperboard Updated

US Firmware 2.0 provides endless looping times, customisable footswitches and more      15/07/20

HeadRush Looperboard Updated

HeadRush has announced the immediate availability of what they describe as a ground-breaking update for the Looperboard  - Firmware 2.0.

HeadRush Product Manager, Walter Skorupski, told us, "The HeadRush Looperboard is loaded with extremely smart and powerful features that take its capabilities far beyond any looper pedal ever made. We're incredibly excited to empower musicians with the ultimate looping workflow, and can't wait to hear what they create!"

Here's the full details direct from HeadRush...

Backed by extensive feedback and testing from HeadRush's looping community, and harnessing the Looperboard's class-leading, powerful quad-core DSP, this update redefines conventional standards for loopers. Now users can connect external USB or SD drives for virtually endless looping times, add auto vocal harmony & tuning, loop with auto-bpm detection, customise Looperboard's footswitches to their own preference, add rhythmic DJ-style effects and much more.

HeadRush Looperboard
The Looperboard is the first looper to feature a large 7-inch screen with a smart-touch interface, displaying all of the dynamic feedback the modern loop artist demands. Every tool a looper needs is here, removing the need for any extra devices - 12 backlit RGB footswitches, class-leading 32-bit floating 48kHz audio, over 40 included FX, custom audio routing (including the onboard click track), and tap tempo with intelligent time-stretch. This isn't an ordinary run-of-the-mill loop pedal--Looperboard is a dream come true for any live looping artist!

Endless Looping and Backing Tracks
Firmware 2.0 adds virtually endless looping times and backing tracks to Looperboard's already impressive spec. Simply connect a hard drive or SD card to Looperboard's USB / SD inputs to expand playback and looping times beyond anything currently available on the looping pedal market. Looping time is only limited by the size of your hard drive!

New FX, including Auto Vocal Harmony & Tuning
Looperboard's on-board, studio-quality FX guarantee guitars, vocals and keyboards sound their best. Firmware 2.0 adds new FX including Vocal Harmony and Tuning. Now users can adjust their voice to any tuning in realtime, or add thick, layered harmonies at the tap of a footswitch.

Other new effects include:
• Slicer - Chops up the sound in a pre-selected rhythmic pattern
• Pumper - Creates a rhythmic pumping effect, similar to that of sidechain compression
• LFO-Sync - Creates filter sweeps using a pre-selected time division of the tempo

New Advanced Looping Features
Advanced audio manipulation tools have also been added. Auto-BPM Detection keeps users perfectly in time when recording a loop – particularly useful when importing audio (.wav or .mp3) to a loop track or adding a backing track that is a different tempo than the current session. Looperboard's non-destructive time-stretch will match any imported audio perfectly, without altering the pitch or sound quality. For compete personalisation, Looperboard Firmware 2.0 also allows users to customise the top four Start/Stop footswitches as shortcuts to any feature--an unprecedented degree of personalisation for looping pedals.

Enhanced UI
Rounding out the feature set in Looperboard Firmware 2.0 is an all-new UI layout. Navigating pages is now even easier with a new icon-based menu screen, a new FX section layout and an incredible new mixer screen with on-screen explanations of features and looper modes.

Looperboard Firmware 2.0 Key Features
• Endless Looping Time
• Customisable Footswitches
• Over 40 built-in FX including Vocal Harmony & Tuning
• Real-time Quantizing & Auto BPM Detection

Looperboard Key Features
• 7-inch high-resolution multi-touch display & quad core processing
• 9 hours of internal loop time & ability to record directly to USB and SD drives for endless looping track lengths
• Record up to 4 stereo or mono loop tracks with options to Undo or Peel
• 4 (mono) combo XLR + ¼-inch inputs with Phantom Power, 4 (mono) XLR outputs
• Over 40 built-in FX including Vocal Tuning, Slicer, Pumper, and LFO
• Routable Click Track, real-time quantizing & Auto BPM Detection
• Tap Tempo with intelligent time-stretch & pitch correction
• MIDI in and out for receiving MIDI clock, external MIDI control, MIDI (Master) Beat Clock
• Built-in USB audio interface; includes Pro Tools | First: HeadRush Edition
• Over 300 built-in drum and percussion loops for getting started

Pricing and Availability:
Looperboard Firmware 2.0 is available immediately to all Looperboard owners as a free download at HeadRushFX.com.
The HeadRush Looperboard is currently available and ships with a retail price of £769.99.

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