Footswitch Between Expression Pedal Values

Electro-Harmonic releases the Cntl Knob Dual Static Expression Pedal   13-Jul-20

Electro-Harmonix tells us that the Cntl Knob (pronounced Control Knob) is a small expression pedal that allows you to manually set two preset expression settings that you can toggle between with the footswitch.

A spokesperson told us, "Think of each of the two Exp knobs as their own cocked expression pedals. It allows you to hook up to an effect with expression control and basically have two presets over the expression parameter. Jump between two pitches on a pitch shifter or feedback levels on a delay, the Cntl Knob is a great way to reimagine what you can do with your expression controllable effects."

 Here's more details direct from the EHX press release...

The compact Cntl Knob which lets a player set two preset values that represent two positions of a traditional expression pedal and toggle between them with its footswitch. The Cntl Knob's EXP 1 Knob selects the first expression setting and the EXP 2 Knob the second. On both, fully CCW corresponds to the heel position while fully CW to the toe position. A TRS+/-Button matches the expression polarity of the Cntl Knob to the product being controlled and ensures maximum compatibility with pedals by all makers. LEDs indicate which knob is active and can be powered by a player's pedalboard power supply or an optional EHX's 9.6DC200mA PSU.

The CntlKnob(ControlKnob) comes equipped with a 6 footTRS (Tip-Ring-Sleeve) cable.

Pricing and Availability:

The CntlKnob has a U.S. street price of $39

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