Dont Want To Know What Notes You're Playing? - NoteWang

From MIDIerror   01-Jul-20

Dont Want To Know What Notes You're Playing? - NoteWang

A new MAX4L device for Ableton Live 10 Suite, is NoteWang from Midierror - we're not sure exactly how useful it is, but there seems to be plenty of love for Stochastic, Euclidean and other note randomizing compositional tools, so why not?

From the NoteWang product page

NoteWang is the perfect tool for messing up all your MIDI notes. You'll no longer be in the infuriating position of knowing exactly what notes and chords you're playing. That's NoteWang!

Click the NoteWang button to randomise your notes. They'll remain in the same order until you press the button again. Make a sequence and see how it sounds in different NoteWang arrangements. Perhaps you'll find the answer to life big questions, you may reinvent yourself completely or simply happen upon the holy grail of electronic music. That's NoteWang!

NoteWang requires Ableton Live 10. Please ask any questions before purchasing as I cannot UnNoteWang your purchase.

Its £3 from:

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