NAMM 2020: New Programmable Equalizer

US Source Audio's EQ2 is the second generation of their Programmable EQ pedal      15/01/20

NAMM 2020: New Programmable Equalizer

Source Audio tells us that they are kicking off the new year with the quintessential tone shaping tool - the EQ2 Programmable Equalizer. They describe the EQ2 as the second generation of their wildly popular Programmable EQ, the multi-preset, MIDI controllable pedal that landed on the boards of numerous pro guitarist and bass players, including six-string icons David Gilmour and John Mayer. Here’s more details from the company…

The EQ2 Programmable EQ has a ton of cool new features. It is a combination graphic and parametric equalizer pedal with 10 adjustable frequency bands, stereo inputs and outputs, 8 onboard presets, 128 MIDI accessible presets, 5-pin DIN input and thru jacks, and a master volume with an additional 12dB of boost. The pedal flaunts sleek, modern hardware with a crystal-clear LED screen, simple control surface, and on-the-fly preset switching capabilities. In addition to its highly flexible onboard options, the EQ2 is compatible with Source Audio’s Neuro Mobile and Desktop Editors. The Neuro Editors provide a simple and visually comprehensive view of the parametric EQ controls (including adjustable frequency band and a Q controls) as well as an optional dynamic limiter, noise gate, alternate signal routing options, and the ability to simultaneously run two discrete EQ presets (one for each stereo output).

Source Audio President Roger Smith had this to say, “Source Audio created a completely new product category when we released the Programmable EQ pedal back in 2011. It gradually became one of our most successful products. We are confident that the EQ2, with its ten adjustable frequency bands, stereo I/O, and both graphic and parametric equalization capabilities, will be an extremely useful pedal to countless guitar, bass, and keyboard players of all genres.”

Pricing and Availability:
The EQ2 is scheduled for release in March of 2020.

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