Plug-in Offers Vintage Valve Flavour

Fuse Audio Labs VPRE-562A is a recreation of an early 60s tube amp   24-May-19

Plug-in Offers Vintage Valve Flavour

Fuse Audio Labs tells us that the VPRE-562A is a recreation of an early 60s tube amp. They say that it includes an authentic emulation of the audio circuitry and a nice set of features added in the digital domain. Here’s the full details in their own words…

The 562A is a rare all-tube amp built around the early 1960s. Originally designed as a PA amplifier but often re-purposed as a bass or guitar head by UK bands from that era, the 562A delivers its signature tone through a Mullard EF86 gain stage, ECC82 phase splitter and two 6L6 push-pull pentodes as well as custom input and output transformers.

The plugin kicks serious life into your tracks, adding beautiful vintage vibes from the sixties or even some pleasing old school grit if needed. It rocks as a spice booster for guitar and bass, no matter if used stand-alone or in combination with a full-blown amp simulation. Precisely because of its vintage roots it's amazing how beautifully the 562A can beef up modern instruments, too.

With its unconventional EQ the VPRE-562A provides a wide variety of tone shaping flavors, while the Mic/Aux and Pre/PA selectors let you choose which combination of harmonics, presence, negative feedback and transformer-induced effects create the sound you're looking for. Cranking the gain leaves clean behind and adds an extra layer of authentic vintage overdrive.

The VPRE-562A surprises with a unique harmonic profile that sounds very much like some of what can otherwise only be achieved with outboard gear. It’s just perfect for adding color without sounding artificial. But, pushing it hard sounds great, too... If you're looking to add some beautiful sixties vibes to your projects, the 562A is a truly premium option.

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