New Accuracy In Tube Modeling Technology

Mercuriall Audio announces The Living Tubes   01-Apr-19

New Accuracy In Tube Modeling Technology

Mercuriall Audio, the company behind Reaxis, Spark and other amp simulation plug-ins, tells us that their modeling accuracy has entered a new dimension with The Living Tubes technology.

They say that as soon as they launch it for all of their products, you will experience the beauty of owning a real tube amp.

A spokesperson said, “What's so special about it? In short, we've modeled a real behaviour of a tube, where it can go bad and will need to be replaced by new tubes!”

Highlights of the new technology:

  •  Any preamp or poweramp tube can break after some time
  •  If you misuse the product, a tube can break
  •  If a tube is broken, you will need to immediately turn off the plugin
  •  You'll need to buy a new tube to replace the old one
  •  Poweramp tubes will need to be replaced in matched pairs or quartets


Pricing and Availability:

Preamp tube prices (per one):   

  • Cheap - $4.99
  • Somewhat better - $5.99
  • Good tube - $9.99
  • Best tube - $19.99
  • New old stock - $299


Poweramp tube prices:  

  • One tube (useless) - $10.99
  • Pair - $39.99
  • Quartet - $79.99
  • Sextet - $199.99

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