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HG Sounds Augment is available but still under development   28-Nov-17

HG Sounds tells us that Augment is a powerful synth engine built in Kontakt which has 11 Partials each with it's own selectable waveform, filter type etc and with 4 Sequencers for Volume, Filter, Drive and Pan. The Video shows an early version to demonstrate it's capabilities and sound, beginning with Additive Mode showing it using additive partials and then going on to randomize waveforms and to show how each partial can be edited. The video then shows the Randomizers in action and finally loads a few example presets.

HG Sounds had this to say...

Augment is still under development and will be released as part of a group buy in the next couple of weeks. You can purchase it right now for the Early Bird price of just $14.99 and will automatically be entered into the Group Buy. The details of the Group Buy are still being worked out, but if Augment gets enough support I would like to develop it further, I have some more features to add yet, plus I would like to make an alternative version which uses LFOs instead of Sequencers which would be very interesting. More details to follow. Please bear in mind if you grab it now, Augment is still a development version and although it works as expected wait until v1 before using it in serious production although I will try to keep backward compatibility when possible.

Augment began as an exploration of Additive Synthesis with the idea of Sequencing each of the partials in different ways. It then became logical that it could also function as an 11 layer synthesizer using other waveforms as well as Sine waves which expanded it's possibilities enormously.

Each Partial/Layer has 4 sequencers to control Volume,Filter, Drive and Pan. It has an XY Pad which can record the currently selected Partial as well as Randomizers which produce Rhythmic Shapes or select from a pre-recorded database of XY Recordings. Each Partial has it's own Waveform Select, Filter Type, Cutoff, Resonance, Bit Depth, Sample Rate, Tune, Effect Sends, Envelope Shape and Envelope Percentage.

It has Global Randomizers which can produce an endless amount of possibilities with little effort, as well as a Global Default to reset to a default state. You can save your own Default template to the currently loaded state.

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