Supro Ships Smallest Combo

Supro 1622RT Tremo-verb 1x10 Reissue Tube Amplifier is now available   13-Jul-15

Supro Ships Smallest Combo

Supro is now shipping the 1622RT Tremo-verb amplifier worldwide. Described as a compact, all-tube powerhouse, they tell us that this is physically the smallest amp in the current Supro lineup, cranking out 25 watts of pure vintage American Class-A tone through a single 10" speaker. Here's more details in Supro's own words...

The Tremo-verb uses 6973 power tubes and features independent treble and bass controls, footswitchable all-tube reverb and output-tube tremolo. Compact enough to carry on the subway or throw in a cab, yet loud enough to share the stage with a full band, the Tremo-verb is a vintage-styled combo for guitarists on the go. The all-new Supro Tremo-verb reissue tube amp is hand assembled in Port Jefferson, NY.

The Tremo-verb's blue rhino hide tolex, vintage-correct cabinetry and fundamental circuit topology are all drawn from the original Supro Reverb combos of the mid 60s. Like its ancestors, the new Tremo-verb's power-tube tremolo comes after the reverb pan, lending an ethereal shake and wobble to the enveloping wash of tube-driven spring reverb. The Supro Tremo-verb's four-spring, 17" long reverb pan and all-tube reverb drive and recovery stages provide warm and smooth 'verb that "surrounds the note" without getting in the way, even when the amplifier is cranked up all the way for maximum grind.

The Tremo-verb is the third in a series of Supro reverb amp reissues for 2015. It follows the award- winning Royal Reverb (NAMM Best in Show) and Saturn Reverb (Premier Gear Award), which were both released early in the year.

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$1299 USD

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