Summer NAMM 2015: Two Pigtronix Delays

Pigtronix launches pitch shifting Echolution 2 multi-tap delay pedals   10-Jul-15

Summer NAMM 2015: Two Pigtronix Delays

Pigtronix has unveiled two new delay pedals: Echolution 2 Ultra Pro and Echolution 2 Filter Pro.

Both new E2 models feature Independent Pitch Shifting on two syncronized delays, which can be overlapped or set to numerous rhythmic configurations, including the Pigtronix signature Golden Ratio function. The tap tempo and MIDI-controlled dual delays can be set to pitch-shift by any musical interval within an octave. Pigtronix says that sweeping filters and complex modulation options---with up to 5 LFOs---create new sonic textures that go far beyond the "shimmer" and "crystals" effect patches of the past. Here's Pigtronix' own detailed descriptions of the pedals...

The Echolution 2 Ultra Pro (E2U) replaces the E2 Deluxe. This new flagship delay processor represents the ultimate realization of the Echolution 2 platform, providing an unprecedented level of parallel delay and filter processing in a pedal format. Breaking away from the industry-standard "one sound at a time" paradigm, the Echolution 2 sports 30 individual front-panel algorithms that can be selected in any combination, deep expression pedal and envelope mapping options available via real-time MIDI or PC/MAC app control.

The E2 Ultra Pro ships with numerous firmware enhancements over the original Echolution 2 Deluxe, as well as a double-digit preset indicator---eliminating the need for bank selection---and an improved USB port for connection to the editor software. In conjunction with this firmware and hardware upgrade comes an enhanced PC/MAC editor, which gives this monstrously deep time machine free access to even greater depth of customization.

The Echolution 2 Filter Pro (E2F) replaces the E2 Basic, adding on-board multi-tap / tap sub-division control as well as 8 different filter options and pitch-shifted time based sound effects. These core "pro" features give players who want a streamlined user interface the ability to tweak key delay ingredients on the fly. Connecting the pedal to the free Pigtronix Echolution 2 PC/MAC editor application via the newly revised USB port gives the E2 Filter Pro access to the full power of the flagship E2 Ultra Pro.  

Many of the new sounds, MIDI functionality and deep sound design features found in these new units were requested by Pigtronix Echolution 2 users around the world and can be added to previous versions of the Echolution 2 via a simple online firmware update process, as detailed on the Echolution 2 blog

Pricing and Availability:
The new E2 pedals will ship worldwide in August, 2015 and will hit the street at $449 USD for the Echolution 2 Ultra Pro and $329 USD for the Echolution 2 Filter Pro.

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