TC Electronic Introduces PolyTune 2 BlackLight

Stompbox tuner gets a blue and white LED display   24-Jun-15

TC Electronic has introduced the PolyTune 2 BlackLight tuner, which they say sports everything that's made their line of PolyTune pedals a household name on pedalboards around the world, but this time is housed in a compact package so stunning that it hurts.

A spokesperson told us, "The stealthy black enclosure radiates classic coolness, all while the new stunning blue and white LED display will put even the most beautiful starry night to shame. Now add our proprietary PolyTune technology to the mix, plus the blindingly fast and precise chromatic tuner and the deadly accurate strobe tuning modes and you have a tuner that's sure to up the coolness-factor of every pedalboard out there!"


  • Polyphonic Tuner
  • Chromatic Tuner (+/- 0.5 cent)
  • Strobe Tuner (+/- 0.1 cent)
  • Super sleek black enclosure
  • Stunning bright blue and white LED display with ambient light sensor

Pricing and Availability:
See local retailer.

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