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Maxon releases BD10 Hybrid Bass Driver   13-May-15

Godlyke, Inc. has announced the release of the Maxon BD10 Hybrid Bass Driver. A spokesperson had this to say...

"The BD10 Hybrid Bass Driver brings Maxon's 40+ years of experience in Overdrive design to the world of the Bass Guitar.  But guitarists, don't despair; the BD10 works equally well with six strings as it does with four! The BD10 provides sustained, harmonically-rich overdrive that retains note clarity and expressiveness even at maximum settings.  It BD10 can cover a wide variety of distorted tones, from semi-dirty boosts all the way to super-saturated shred."

Distorted sounds can then be blended with Dry signal using the independent Level controls.  Fine tuning the balance between Clean and Distorted signals, the user can obtain the ideal mix for their particular playing style and equipment.

Additional features of the Maxon BD10 include:

  • Symmetrical clipping circuit yields heavy yet articulate distortion
  • Dedicated Clean Level knob with +6 dB max Boost
  • Dedicated Drive Level knob with +14 dB max Boost
  • Individual Bass and Treble knobs for precise tonal control
  • Buffered Bypass Switching
  • 3-Year limited warranty
  • Made in Japan

Pricing and Availability:
List Price: $189 / Street Price: $169

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