Win A Phaser Signed By Devin Townsend

TC Electronic announces new Toneprints and launches a promotion for the Helix Phaser   23-Apr-15

TC Electronic says that their new Helix Phaser is set to hit the streets very soon, so they have released a Helix Phaser TonePrint power-package containing tones by John Petrucci, Devin Townsend, Scott Ian and many more. They have also had Devin Townsend sign a Helix Phaser, which can be yours by signing up to their newsletter.

In the video above, John Petrucci creates a gorgeous slow and swirling Phaser TonePrint. A tribute to the old vintage phaser tones he heard while growing up. Below, Devin Townsend creates his "Not Van Halen" TonePrint for Helix Phaser.

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