Keeley Releases Ideal Pedal For Shoegazers

Soujourner Fuzz Verb combines fuzz and reverb in a single stompbox   20-Apr-15

Keeley Releases Ideal Pedal For Shoegazers

Keeley tells us that their new Sojourner contains a thick, creamy fuzz coupled with an all new set of musical reverbs soundscapes in a dual pedal format. Chief engineer Robert Keeley put his team to the task of creating a first-in-class fuzz/reverb pedal that would allow players to create dreamy soundscapes of texture, color, and emotion with unique and innovative reverb sounds not heard before.

A spokesperson had this to say, "The fuzz side of the Sojourner is our popular Psi Fuzz, a highly modified take on the Op Amp Pi. Keeley's layered op amp based fuzz has the added warmth and cream of a vintage germanium transistor output stage. It produces thick, full range fuzz with enhanced midrange presence, tight bass, and an overall polish and compression that creates perfect fuzz tones right out of the gate. The reverb side of this pedal is based on the Aurora Reverb platform, but with new algorithms including reverse and shimmer.  Reverse reverb gives you a crazy hallucinogenic, hide and seek playfulness to the echoes.  Shimmer reverb provides a eerie decay of high octave trails.  Adjust the decay, blend, warmth, to choose between long, expansive, ambient times or to create a subtle new space around your sound. We've also provided an insert jack, allowing the insertion of additional effects in between."

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