MESSE 2015: New Marshall Astoria Amps On Video

We get the low down on the new line from Britain's most famous amp company   17-Apr-15

   3:6 mins    

We swung by the Marshall booth at the 2015 Frankfurt MusikMESSE to check out the new Astoria range of amps from Britain's most famous amp company.

Hand-wired, point-to-point, built in the UK - these amps show Marshall going back to their roots.

They've even gone for the old school Marshall logo.

The amps come in a few different configurations, there are single channel combo and heads, but there's also a two-channel version.

The circuit comprises of a ECC83 pre-amp section, a GZ34 rectifier, and KT66 power section.

Sadly the amps weren't set up for demos at the Messe show, but hopefully we'll get to hear them in action soon.

Filmed by Robert Hicks,
Written and presented by Richard Beech.


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