MESSE 2015: Relish Guitars Demo - European Cool In an Upmarket Guitar

Aluminium frame electric guitars with hollow bodies and solderless tech   16-Apr-15

    MP4 5:18 mins    

For the best part of $5,000, Relish Guitars are towards the top end of the market.

But for guitar geeks, there's a lot to get excited about here. The guitar features an aluminium frame, with a removable back panel.

This means you can get easy access to the innards of the guitar, from which you can swap the pickups out for an alternative set of pickups within a few minutes due to everything being solderless.

The guitars are striking in their design, and the goal was to make something that can't easily be compared to an existing guitar. You have to say - they're pretty unique.

Check them out for yourself in the video above.

Filmed by Robert Hicks,
Written and presented by Richard Beech.

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