MESSE 2015: Bass Stompboxes

EBS introduce new Black Label Pedal Studio Editions for bass   16-Apr-15

MESSE 2015: Bass Stompboxes

EBS and UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd have announced six updated models of EBS's Black Label Pedals for bass.  They say that the new MultiComp SE, DynaVerb SE, UniChorus SE, OctaBass SE, MetalDrive SE and MultiDrive SE feature improved sound quality, new distinct design and are more user-friendly than ever before.

EBS launched their first pedal for bass in 1992. Over the years, the company has developed its Black Label line of analogue and digital effects to become one of the leading makers of effects specialized for bass, producing classic units such as the MultiComp, MultiDrive and OctaBass.  EBS says that the combination of unrivalled studio quality tone and elegant simplicity in its design strike the perfect balance between professional sound and user-friendly gear. A spokesperson told us, "These are like Volvos equipped with Ferrari engines."

The new generation Black Label Studio Editions remain faithful to their origins when it comes to the sonic qualities, but with several improvements:

  • New low noise switching using signal relays for extremely low mechanical noise and improved life span
  • Jumbo sized led lights for better action indication
  • New design handling 9 to 12V DC power
  • Better protection for accidental voltage spikes
  • New design for stronger individual identity
  • Optimized signals for studio environment


Pricing and Availability:
The six Black Label Studio Edition models will ship in Spring 2015 with pricing to be confirmed at time of writing.

More information:


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