MESSE 2015: Greenhouse FX Modular Pedal Board Demo

The cartridge-based system will be available in August   15-Apr-15

    MP4 3:5 mins    

Someone has FINALLY built a modular cartridge-based pedal board - and that someone is Roy from Greenhouse FX.

Some have tried, but not made it to market, and others are planning to do exciting things with modular pedal boards but as far as we're aware, Greenhouse FX are the first to bring this tech to market.

We got the full rundown on the new pedal board from Roy. The top panel features four separate compartments, each with three knobs and one stomp.

There is also a whiteboard-like material on the top panel so that you can label module and each parameter with a board marker, but then wipe it clean again if you want to swap out the cartridge.

Hear it in action in the video above. It will be shipping around August, and we'll have all the updates.

Written and filmed by Richard Beech
Presented by Rob Hicks

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