MESSE 2015: Bass Specialist Introduces Guitar Stompboxes

EBS Red Label Pedals are designed specifically for guitar   15-Apr-15

MESSE 2015: Bass Specialist Introduces Guitar Stompboxes

Swedish company, EBS, known as one the world's leading manufacturers of pedals for bass, tells us that over the last few years there has been growing use of EBS effects amongst guitarists.  Now the company is launching a line of pedals specifically designed for guitar: EBS and UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd are pleased to announce the new EBS Red Label Pedals.

Two of the first three units in the Red Label Series are Guitar Editions of EBS's most popular effects amongst guitarists - the MultiComp GE and the DynaVerb GE

The third is the Red Twister GE chorus, which originally came out in very limited numbers back in 1999 (and is thus now very sought after in the secondhand market).  It makes its comeback in an improved and up to date version.

A spokesperson told us, "All effects are made, tweaked and twisted to benefit the electric guitar the most. The Red Label Pedals are designed and developed by EBS with the collective input from EBS guitarist customers feedback, as well as from a selected group of some of the busiest professional guitarists in Sweden."

Key Features

  • Optimized for use with guitar
  • All models have excellent full range frequency response with no roll-offs
  • Studio sound quality with a character that reveals the tone of the instrument
  • Handling 9 to 12V DC power with protection against accidental over voltage
  • Signal relays switching technique for extremely low mechanical noise and long life span
  • True bypass

Pricing and Availability:
A limited number will be available already in Spring 2015, with worldwide availability from Autumn 2015.

More information:


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