This Is Not A Joke...

Or maybe it is a joke, no, wait, it's not   25-Mar-15

When we first saw a Kickstarter campaign for a thing called 'Hand Chord', we couldn't work out whether it was serious.

We don't want to throw shade on somebody's invention and hard work, but if you can't play a barre chord, is the answer really to buy a piece of plastic that does it for you?

The Kickstarter campaign states:

"The number one reason people give up playing guitar is because of finger pain, hand chord takes away the pain and frustration, no more hurting fingers just a soft cushy rubber feel.

"It's also a shortcut for people who don't have the time to learn guitar and can also be a gateway for people learning guitar to help them concentrate on strumming and getting a feel for playing guitar without months of practice."

It is a real thing though, ladies and gents, and having raised nearly $2,000 of its $9,500, maybe it will see the light of day.

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