Microbrute Meets Stompboxes

Digitech Polara, EHX Holy Stain and DM-2 Waza Craft Delay   18-Mar-15

    MP4 6:16 mins    

SonicState Guitars Editor Richard Beech and resident modular botherer Edd Butterworth show what happens when two worlds collide...

While in Anaheim this year for the annual NAMM show, I have to admit I caught the synth bug.

It all started when I plugged a Microbrute into a Strymon BigSky and after that moment all I could think about were all the various guitar pedals I have amassed over the years and what they might sound like if you passed a synth signal through them.

So when I had finished reviewing the new Digitech Polara reverb pedal, my colleague Edd Butterworth and I decided to plug a Microbrute into it.

Not only that, but we also put a BOSS DM-2W Analog Delay, EHX Holy Stain (tremolo, pitch shift, fuzz, drive) and a BOSS MO-2 Multi Overtone in the mix.

What ensued was a completely off-the-cuff synth jam: partly good; partly bad; largely ugly (but that's just me and Edd).

Hopefully you enjoy it! The plan is for Edd and I to do more of this sort of thing by combining his modules with my guitar gear and seeing if we can create some interesting sounds.

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