Eventide H9 Gets A Looper

Free looper algorithm for all H9 users for a limited time   17-Feb-15

Eventide has announced the immediate availability of the Looper algorithm for H9 users, free until the end of February, 2015. On March 1st, it will be priced at $25. This new Looper is available for download through the H9 Control app available for Windows, Mac, and iOS.

Looper advanced features:

  • Reverse play and record with immediate reverse playback with real-time Varispeed control
  • Seamless Varispeed overdubbing and loop playback over a full range of speeds from 2x to pause to reverse 2x
  • Real-time, non-destructive, loop head and tail trimming
  • Auto beat-quantization of footswitch actions in Tempo Mode.
  • Tempo Mode maintains real time intelligent beat sync even with speed changes or trimmed loop
  • MIDI clock sync to your drum machine or sequencer for locking your loop to the beat without drift


Ray Maxwell, Eventide VP of Sales and Marketing, told us, "The addition of this deluxe Looper extends the functionality of the H9 platform. Looping was one of the top requests of H9 users; we are delighted to give it away for free to all H9 owners for a limited time."

Pricing and Availability:
Looper is free until the end of February, 2015. It will be $25 from March 1st

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